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About Me

About Me

An accomplished technical professional and graduate with more than nine years' experience in a variety of different organisations. Proven experience in project planning, designing, and implementation of IT Infrastructure for the enterprise environment with and strong ability to increase reliability, maximise productivity and introduce new systems that will help the company save money. Looking to work for a company to push current skills and learn new skills and technologies over a prolonged period of time with the company and helping improve company’s productivity and save cost.


Photography - Extreme Sports

In my free time I do allot of extreme sports photography, My main area is wakeboarding but I'm trying to find other sports to expand my skills, so any surfers / kite boarders please contact me.




Apart from Photography I also take part in Extreme Sports like Wakeboarding, Surfing, and Stand Up Paddleboarding.
I also am a gamer I like playing computer games on PC and XBOX when the weather stops me going out on the water.

Windows PowerShell

Windows PowerShell is a task automation and configuration management framework from Microsoft, consisting of a command-line shell and associated scripting language built on the .NET Framework

  • Active Directory Powershell

    Some settings are just not available in the GUI, thus you need to execute a PowerShell command.

    Active Directory
  • Exchange Powershell

    Some settings are just not available in the GUI, thus you need to execute a PowerShell command.

    Exchange 2010+
  • Powershell Scripts

    Advanced Powershell scripts to manage your Active Directory and Exchange Enviroment

    Password Reminder

    User Profile Picture
  • Microsoft Deployment Server

    Information on how to customise the Microsoft Deployment Tool Kit and turn Light Touch into almost Zero Touch deployments

    MDT Server

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